Sunday, April 12, 2015

Playboy model gave her boyfriend a awesome gift for his birthday

A Playboy model has revealed how she gave her boyfriend a trio for his birthday - because she did not know what to give him.Gorgeous blonde Daniella Chavez has recruited his friend to take part in the torrid sexual romp after requesting your help.

The 25-year-old pump, Las Condes, Chile, told the Mexican edition of Playboy, "It was the birthday of my favorite guy and had spent two days in the mall trying to find the perfect gift, but without success."One day before his birthday, I asked the help of a friend who works in a mall and said," give him a night of passion, a threesome with another girl."I laughed and asked where I could find another girl since I've never been to her. She said she would help."I told him to come to the apartment, we had a nice dinner and a few drinks, and then the night began to be hot"I was surprised that she came to our dinner, but even more surprised when me and my friend started kissing and undressing."I can only say it was fantastic and worth doing again."Wonder became a national sensation after posting a series of spicy photos.

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