Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Avatar 2 delayed to 2017, says James Cameron

After the success of Avatar 2009 was delayed a year and not published until 2017, James Cameron has revealed.
Oscar-winning director of Aliens and Titanic said he is working on three new movies Avatar simultaneously.
The first film is supposed to be in December 2016, but Cameron has confirmed in writing the stories had become "very involved".

"There is a layer of complexity to get the story to work as a series of three films," he said.
Cameron said the goal was to have the scripts of the three films completed by the end of this month so you can start shooting.
"We wrote three at once and we did this for everyone to follow along the three films," he told The Associated Press.
"Not only are we going to do one, and then complete another and another after that.
"And parallel to this, we do all the design. So we designed all creatures and environments."
Cameron said he thought it was important that every movie successfully related to interest the next, but also reaches a decision that left the audience hanging.
The three films will be shot in New Zealand, where he also became part of the original film.
Avatar is the most profitable film in history, with box office receipts of nearly $ 2.8 billion 1.8 billion).
It set in the 22nd century on a distant planet inhabited by a humanoid race, science fiction epic won three Oscars.
Cameron, 60, made the remarks at a ceremony in Wellington on Wednesday to promote the film industry in New Zealand.

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