Saturday, November 1, 2014

Can we trust tsu social media network?

Can we trust tsu social media network? Is it a pyramid scheme(MLM)

Most of us have resisted when we learned that Tsu not only pay for the content, but not according to their position in the network hierarchy. We have all the chills to think that we could be part of a system of multi-level marketing because we know that the bottom of the pyramid will always lose.

Let's see how it actually works.
Tsu said it will share advertising revenue on all users based on their share of the generated views. If Facebook would do this with about 65% of active users, a total of 1.3 billion, net income would) $ 10 per Facebook user.
Tsu now can not live with anything he says it will take 10% of total advertising revenues and distribute the rest by its users. Following the example of Facebook FB each active user still receives $ 9 per year and would FB billion revenue.
The reality is that something Tsu recognizes advertising revenues depend on page views. In other words, popular posters create more views and therefore more eyes on the ads around these positions.

The MLM / Pyramid in action
Tsu said that you only get 50% after distracting his 10% share. So, to put into perspective the $ 100 now reduced to $ 45 (half of $ 100, less the rate of 10%).
In fact 45% of the advertising revenue generated is more than what you get elsewhere. The quality of the operation does not depend on the percentage, but the upstream input. Its content is essential for the number of visitors to determine your income.

You have only 45%, But what about the other $ 45/50%?
Is distributed by a typical multi-level marketing. From the middle of the hypothetical $ 90 the other half is distributed in something called family tree, but there is nothing more than a MLM system. If you registered via invite, another $ 45 is divided on it. Note that even if you use another account, 50% of the division of the user is always going somewhere. If you use another account to register: he or she will receive this part.

Is an MLM? The rich richer?

No, it is not because it is not a closed economy. Take your average or whatever MLM scam welfare. The system is such that end users the highest level of business profits have failed. In other words, everyone except for the sucker in the results of the background so that it ends with a garage full of products of well-being.
Is a solid and beneficial to model content providers and consumers. it is certainly not a model of MLM. Everyone should be able to capitalize on it, but the scale is crucial

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